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  • ------------------------------------------ NExt Gen (ver2) ip PBX  will be release soon


    ------------------------------------------ TE415 quad-span PRI/E1/T1 card (available) TE405v2
  • ------------------------------------------
  • World 1st Elegant & portable PBX (available) ipPBX-mini
  • ------------------------------------------
  • M200P Mobile card
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • World 1st TDM1600Pv2 (Official Elastix Certified) TDM1600Pv2---------------------------------------------
  • SpoTel ipPBX02                     **NOW  AVAILABLE** 
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • WORLD 1st 
  • TDM410 ** Version 2 ** 
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • SpoLink phone adapter  **INSTANT PHONE LINE** 
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • NEW ipPBX08  firmware v4.02 released "
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • SpoGSM  firmware v3 supports Blacklist, conference recording
  • ---------------------------------------------

VoiP Architecture

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) have exploded into the Enterprise Communication and SMB communications space in the last ten years. While internally, most businesses will be using an IP-PBX, this does not mean that the PSTN is going away any time soon and there will always be a need to have some connectivity to the PSTN. This is where Nicherons telephony interface boards play an important role. Whether a company is interfacing an IP-PBX to the TDM network, allowing a TDM-PBX access to SIP trunks, connecting other legacy voice equipment via SIP, or managing local survivability issues, reliable, high-quality TDM Interface products will always be part of the necessary infrastructure.

Nicherons products provide the foundation technology for the world’s leading open-source Asterisk based IP-PBXs. With our 2-year replacement warranty, our IP-PBX application partners count on Nicherons to provide the Telephony Interface Boards on which they build their solutions, because they know that we understand what it means to say “Because It Must Work.” The IP-PBX is often a mission critical component in a SMB or Enterprise, and Nicherons SpoTel boards inside that IP-PBX are mission critical to its success.

 Recent News:                                                                                                                                      

Dec 2013: Bitcoin & Ripple xrp payments are accepted.
                  Please visit our eStore or contact us for more info

Nov 2013: TE415 PCI & PCIe 4-span PRI interface are now Elastix certified

Nov 2013: TDM410Pv2 & TDM410ev2 have been officially Elastix certified

Nov 2013: TE405 Next Generation (ver2) 4-port E1/T1/PRI card is available

Sep 2013: ipPBXv2 Next Generation (ver2) ip PBX will be released soon

Jun 2013: ipPBX-mini suppports wireless wifi connection

Mar 2013: ipPBX-mini now support External USB Drive for call recording

Jan 2013: SpoTel TE110P & TE110e have been officially certified by Elastix

Jan 2013: TDM2400e 24-port analog PCIe interface has been released

Jan 2013: TE110 PCIe 1-port Digital E1/T1/PRI interface has been released

Oct 2012: SpoTel ipPBX-mini (most Elegant, Portable PBX) is now available

Oct 2012: New SpoTel ipPBX with ver4 firmware has been released

Jul 2012: TDM1600ev2 PCIe 16-port analog interface has been released

Jul 2012: TDM410ev2 PCIe 4-port analog interface has been released

Jun 2012: M200P mobile card has been officially Elastix certified

Jun 2012: Nicherons is proud to sponsor Elastix World 2012, Spain

Jun 2012: TDM1600ev2 16-port PCIe card has obtained Elastix certification

Mar 2012: TDM1600Pv2 TDM PCI interface has been officially Elastix certified

Jan 2012: TDM410Pv2 4-port low-profile TDM interface has been released

Nicherons International Corp, based in Canada. We aim to deliver quality on time at a minimum cost using cutting edge technology.

Industry leader in Telecommunications

Nicherons is founded in 2008 and is a leading provider of hardware  components that enable or enhance IP Communications Systems for both telecom and datacom applications. Nicherons's data boards, voice boards, and gateways are used by Integrators in PBX, IVR, contact center and data-communication applications worldwide. The product line offers a comprehensive toolset for deploying cost-effective, powerful, and flexible communication solutions.

SpoTel ® is a registered trademark of Nicherons Intl Canada, Inc.